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tv   News  ABC  November 15, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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emily schmidt has details this morning from washington. >> reporter: this monday morning means back to work for many in congress soon to be out of work after democrats lost dozens of seats in midterm election. president obama renecked on the vote while on air force one returning from a 10-day trip in asia. >> in that focus on policy, i neglected some things that matter's lot to people and rightly so. >> reporter: the president says he will tell republican leaders voters didn't give them a mandate for gridlock. there's plenty of division especially about tax cuts set to exspire at the end of next -- expire at the end of next month. >> there's no room to negotiate particularly on smaller businesses. and i hope we get a permanent extension. >> let's move it up to a million everybody below a million but the million and billionaires won't. >> reporter: challenges, lifting the don't ask don't tell policy for gay service members voting on a strategic russian missile
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deal and banning earmarks and popular call of incoming freshmen. >> time to finally hit the ground running, and start to do the people's work. >> reporter: orientation for a new members of congress is underway. they are overwhelmingly republican. many cite tea party support. >> our fren in the tea party are patriots. >> it's a lot of support from tea party members because the things i said they agreed with. >> reporter: this lame duck session of congress catches this week and begins after thanksgiving. lawmakers work until they are done and grid locked. emily schmidt, abc news washington. >> notice the background. it was some of the people she was interviewing. it was from baltimore. the freedom works which backed tea party candidates lured them away for intensive training on how to stay true to the conservative campaigns. it's 5:232.
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being check out photos and send messages and connect with old friends. what else can facebook do? well today they have plans to they will announce involving taking over your e-mail. charlie crowson joins with us more. >> reporter: hold on i've got to update my status at 5:30 this morning. all right. and check. therey go. -- there you go. if you constantly check and send the status updates, quick picks and video clips, you can add e-mail to the facebook to dos. it's expected the new service rumored to be called project titan will launch later today. it will reportedly serve as complimentary tool to the one stop shop for social network. some critics wonder if the service is necessary because facebook offers direct and instant messaging between the users. there's also fear the nasty spam could sit into the inbox but
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proponents are saying facebook is designed to naturally filter out the unwanted e-mails and rational is because facebook insist you say who you are and you have to connect to people to be able to e-mail them on the site, it had kill out the spam. so the question to you this morning on the facebook page, what project titan, if introduced, will you use it? do you see the value of the service or will it be one more thing you have to check or update our full social networking list, become a fren at abc2 news and let us know what you think. what do you think about this? jamie you are tech savvy so you have the smart phone here. you've got to update it on the iphone or ipad. how will you handle this, sir. >> what did he say. >> charlie, here's a quote from jammy that happened. this face -- jammy that happened, this facebook thing is catching on. the next story is not a social networking site but it's going to be available today. the new site offers an iphone
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app to share photographs. the man who started it helped to build facebook and connect the platform. he says it's not another social networking site but a personal networking site. each user can't have more than 50 friend. you get it on. iphone and the plan is it will be available for droid and blackberry users, too. charlie, hear about body scanner? all right. a california man who was supposed to board a flight was escorted out of the airport after he refused to go through the body scanner. john right there says he was taken out by skirt at lindbergh airfield in san diego because he refused to go through the scan or to be groped. he is the -- used a cell phone to record what happened next. >> we can do that out here but you touch my junk i am going have you arrested. >> we need a supervisor there.
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>> if you touch my junk, you are going to be arrested. as you can imagine, he is well aware there's been backlash against the use of the naked body scanner e was refuned his ticket and had to go through security because it's against law to start the security process and not finish. >> wow. >> i didn't know that. it was supposed to be her big day. but though it didn't go on as planned. >> it's amazing. what she did made a lot of people very happy. we will tell you all about this story, but first before you head anywhere, head tout mark jones with a check on your trains and buses. happy monday. >> reporter: happy monday. the commute start is a good one on the rail systems. light rail and metro subway on time. no delays on the camden, penn or brunswick lines. numbers 1, 8 and 30 buses about 15 to 20 minutes late. 15 and 51 buses about 25 to 30 minutes behind. and heavy volume of pest jers
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on 64 bus line moving about and travel. for the mta transit team, i am mark jones.
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it's 5:38a wedding mix of the last-minute could have been
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devastated. >> hard to imagine but one colorado bride decided to make a special occasion for others instead. john romero has the story. >> reporter: saturday night was supposed to be a joyous night for the family. the wedding of their youngest daughter. it never happened. with few option on what to do about the wedding, the broken bride had an idea. >> she is a super giving young lady, and when it was apparent we weren't going to be able to do anything else she said you know, dad, i want to feed the less fortunate. >> reporter: on less than a day notice, the family came together with the salvation army and a bus line to bring an early holiday feast to those in need. >> it's about a warm meal on a really cold night, and hopefully it makes for a nice november and kick off to the holiday season. >> being colorado springs, we see people stepping up to the
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plate and doing good. but i don't know i've seen anything like this before. >> reporter: and though the schaeffers outpouring of generosity has warmed plenty of hearts. >> it's so incredibly special to be able to experience somebody just pouring out their heart for people in need is an amazing thing. >> reporter: it's dad who fills like he is the lucky one in all this. >> i am the fortunate one in this situation. i was blessed with great wife and two great kid and i think that this is living proof of it. now, maryland most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right. 5:40. we have temperatures down mostly in the 40s and we have fog and fog in the fall. also means the problem on the eastern shore. we will talk about that in a moment. we want to show you temperatures. we are watching 48 in baltimore. 46 up toward york, pa and it's colder in southern maryland. partly because of clearing skies allowing the temperatures to drop even further.
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patuxent river, 39. ocean city, the same. cooler at 39. we have areas of fog and it's hard to depict on the satellite imagery. but we have areas of thick fog around the bay and eastern shore. drizzle and showers passed to the north. it's about a fog advisory. we have that fog advisory through parts of the eastern shore and delmarva. i wanted to show you that until 8 a.m. 90 minute school delay for queen ann and kent county. that is because of the thick fog and we may add more to the list. so pay attention. we will be the first ones to let you know. we expect it to burn off around 8:00 and a partly sunny afternoon. let's check on the traffic. here's kim brown. >> reporter: justin for the most part, traffic is very, very good. as we look at 95 at joppa road, traffic is moving very nicely both north and southbound. no major issues as you approach the beltway on down towards 895. but the fog playing a part this morning. fog warnings are in place at
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the tideings and bay bridges. one accident and it's a pretty serious one on route 175 in jess upclose -- jessup. a lot of people are bailing out on route 1 to get around that. stay with us, we have more of "good morning, maryland" coming back after this. - thank you.
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5:44. friend and family gathered to remember a maryland man killed while trying to heap family whose car broke down on the side of the road. charlie crowson joins with us more details. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: megan, good morning. andy joyce was on the job with quick response towing two weeks when he got the november 1st call to heap mother and child trappeded in the baltimore city area. the 23-year-old was shot and killed while helping the family and police say the shooters didn't take his wallet, cash or cell phone. they took his life. sunday night, more than 50 fellow tow truck drivers gathered to hold vigil for joyce. instead of candles, the drivers brought out the bright lights to honor the fallen friend. father of the is son joins was not known to be confrontational and steered clear of impound and repos and now his family wants his killer found. >> somebody messed with my son.
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we will not rest until the person or pens responsible for this are brought to justice. >> reporter: joyce grew up in ellicott city and had twin browse. one who died of a rare brain disease the investigators say the shooting into the drug-related. quick response towing is put up a cash reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest of his killer. you are asked to call the number on your screen metro crime stoppers stoppers at 866-7-lockup. charlie crowson, abc2 news. >> it's 5:46. he was one day away from being old enough to buy a beer. but the night before, he was putting pepperoni on the round face of dough and sauce when four men covering their faces walked into mr. wings and pizza in glen burnie. an i a rundle county police are searching for three other men who played the part inform murder of a 20-year-old man inside the pizza restaurant. officers arrested 17-year-old vincent ethan bunner accused of shooting and killing misael nor
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hose was vitting a -- visiting a 17-year-old that worked there when the robbery happened on friday night it happened around nine. it was the 17-year-old girl's first day, and flores worked across the street washing cans. the restaurant-- the owner of the restaurant walked back into the kitchen embow hear what was going on. >> one guy in the kitchen told me to go back. he tell them go from here. don't hurt her. >> investigators are not telling us exactly what bunner's role was in this. the search is on for three more suspects. no one was home and no idea on how the fire started in this town home. broke out around 2. major damage to the first and second floors. the fire did touch the neighbors. it took crews about 20 minute to get this under control. and firefighters did imagine to save the life of a kitten. 5:47. three people are under arrest including a teenage after a
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stabbing inside the food court at arundel mills mall. deandre simms and 17-year-old allen from columbia and mother juvenile whose name is not released are facing charges this morning. police on foot patrol found the teen with the stab wound in his back. the victim said he didn't know who stabbed him. the teen was treated and released from shock trauma. prince george's county executive elect is not talking about the arrest of his predecessor. jack johnson, whose second term as the top elected official expires. he was arrested on friday along with his wifelessly. the fbi say they believe some developers were bribing public officials in exchange for official acts favorable to certain developers and companies. >> mr. m-a -- mack has packed away he trained every great prize fight here came out of boughtmore at his eager gym has passed away. grew out of the gym with the squeaky steps and dust pouring
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in from the sun and shived over to the bonn street gym where the rite-aid used to sit e trained larry middleton, vernon mason and he used to train bockers at night while working day side for the irs. what he did for east baltimore a a the a memorial convenient. he was age 92. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> another beautiful weekend here in baltimore in central maryland where temperatures were averaging well above normal. mid-60s. we belong in the mid to upper 50s on the 15th of november. 35 and 57 would be the split. record of 19 set in 1986. 93, 1993 is when we set the record high of 79 degrees. sun up at 7:50 and down at 4:52 and this morning, starting off
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with areas of fog and drizzle across the region, most of the energy with the old record storm that dumped the heavy snow in minnesota is passing through eastern canada and trailing a cold front and another batch of energy through the great lakes. our focus is going to be down across the gulf coast states. we will be watching this developing store spreading a lot of moisture. you can see enhancing during the early morning satellite and radar imagery. on top of us, tuesday into early wednesday, then the cold air catches up and then, it gets interesting. our forecast shows we start off with fog and clouds giving way to a partly sunny sky but the rain moves in overnight and by daybreak. we will have early showers on tuesday, but expecting the steadier and heavier rain to build in as we go into the late afternoon and evening hours. as the storm gets better organized and ride on top us the heaviest rain probably going to be tuesday night and shut off by wednesday morning as that moves east toward new england. behind that, cold air will wrap
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around and there will be one more disturbance that catches up with the cold air. and as that moves east in our direction, there's the possibility that we could squeeze out a few snowflakes or a few scattered mixed showers on thursday. until then, here's the deal in maryland of the early fog giving way to a partly sunny sky. two degree guaranteed high around 60. shattered -- scattered showers developing around daybreak and fog into the mix and lows around 44. a cool are day but a near normal day as tuesday will shape up to 56 degrees. the rain does get heavier toward the evening hours and we expect to have an inch maybe an inch and a half squeezed out of the storm as it cuts off by wednesday morning. leftover scattered showers into the and afternoon. high temperatures pushing back into the 50s to near 606789 we have the extend forecast that -- extended forecast that shows the possibility of showers building in on thursday. apologize for the graphic goof on the screen, but the forecast
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does show the chance of maybe a rain or snow shower on thursday and friday's highs only in the 40s. >> reporter: good morning. as we look at the road this morning, for your monday morning, commute, getting started out the door, fort mchenry tunnel, the southbound lanes traffic is moving steadily. you will see some minor delays as you approach from the o'donnell street exit toward the toll plaza but fog serious. however, as we look at the maps, one serious accident is in jessup. route 175 remains closed in both directions at dorsey run road. police are detouring traffic onto route 1 or onto patuxent range road. expect minor delays. not affecting the morning ride too much because it's pretty early and keep in mind, fog warnings remain in place at the bay, tideings and that's keeping speeds down and reducing your
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visibility. so take it easy. we have more of your news, weather and traffic when "good morning, maryland" returns after this. 3q
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let's look at storeies making headlines. starting in ohio, the story is amaying. the search continues for her woman and son and family friend. police found the 13-year-old phil maynard bound and gaged many they were hoping they might find the other three people who disappeared with her. matthew hoffman who lives in the home is in custody on kidnapping charges. authorities are hoping he can lead them to her mom, her brother, and a family friend. california middle schooler is looking for a driver who they say played a central role in the crash that killed four moat motorcyclists and passenger and another car. the driver of the car has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. police say he had been forced off the road by another driver who was driving trying to pass the motorcylist and they continued to search for the driver. we have a california middle schooler getting a lot of attention for his bike decoration. codey alicia had been asked to
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take the american flag off the beak by the school. school officials changed their position and said he can keep the flag. school officials say they were hook out for codey's safety. let the music play on. six month and 270 million dollars later, the operaland resort and convention center is ready for business. it took on more than 24 feet of water in mondayor of the reopening, there's a three-day holiday themed event starting the 18th and running through the 21st. as holiday approaches, dears are look for bargain, too. we are starting to see a lot them going in and out of stores. >> the holiday bargins is bringing them in? grocery stores are not off limit for this wild buck. all right. >> also, spectators at a bull riding show got a lot closer look of the bull and they were in the stand. we will tell you what happened.
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this is an incredibly inspiring story. this man shows you can do anything if you put your mind to it.
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